Who We Are

Our Mission

Crystal Center’s mission is a world in which all children with mental and developmental disabilities realize their full potential and their right to an inclusive community which supports them and their families.

Our Vision

Provide children with special needs and families with the support systems needed to help them realize their full potential.
Effect change in policy and practice of the rights of disabled children.
Create a positive environment to reduce stigmatization and negative attitudes.


Our Values and Philosophy

wwr31) We believe that every child counts and that every child deserves an equal chance to be the best they can be.
2) We build trust by operating with transparency and representing our community in a dignified light.
3) We are driven by love for humanity and the passion to reach out to this  group of children who are still very much sidelined.
4) We believe in the power of human relationships and cultivate them in our work.
5) We believe in embracing a holistic approach in child and community development. This enables us provide well rounded aid to the children we work with
6) Even in the face of challenges and hardship we celebrate the wins

What we do

wwr4We support handicapped children by ensuring they have access to healthcare services. We also ensure that these children get a form of training or education most suitable for them. We place a lot of emphasis on psycho-social support activities, to build self-love and confidence in a child.
As we cannot work with children in isolation, it is necessary to work with the family of the child and in the communities where our children live. We ensure that parents/guardians of our children are economically empowered so they can provide for the basic needs of the child like clothing, food, shelter.
Finally we carry out sensitization and advocacy activities in the homes and communities where our children live to create a society that is more inclusive and accepting of the child with a special need.

We offer the following services to children with disabilities and their families:

1.  Health Services
2. Therapy
3.  Teaching
5.  Occupational Training- Sustainability
6. Advocacy
7.  Parent Support Groups
8.  Outreach to rural areas
9.  Economic Empowerment
10.  Community Resource Center


Our Background

The ”Crystal vision” was started in Cameroon in 2010, by Rosine Makanaky. She was prompted by her own experiences growing up with a handicap in West Africa. Here is her story in her own words:

“My personal experience of growing up with a health complication exposed me to experiencing first hand some of the challenges children with a special needs face. I was born with an Optical Nerve atrophy associated with a severe Nystagmus and I had to watch my parents deal with the frustration of understanding my problem to believing that I” could make it”. There was a complete lack of acceptance and understanding by my peers and the community, resulting in big self- confidence issues growing up.

I did make it. I ended up getting a great education and embarked on a career in the corporate world. But after a few years, I realized that I was not happy and my work did not fulfill me. I needed to go back to my country and help the children that were not as lucky as I was, had handicaps more severe than mine, and families less supportive and understanding than I had. That’s when I started Crystal Foundation in my native Cameroon.

Try to picture for example the life of a child with Autism, living in a community where people do not even know what Autism is about, From a home where having one meal a day is a luxury. In a community lacking any health and educational support systems for children with disabilities.

I believe in my heart that every child living with a disability has a great potential to thrive in life and deserves the right to live a happy life in a society where they feel accepted. If I made it this far it’s because someone believed in me. It’s my desire then that someone somewhere will also believe in these children and give them an opportunity to thrive.”
Rosine N Makanaky

Going forward

As we grow, we’ll continue ensuring resources are efficiently managed so we can provide quality services to the children, families and the communities we work with At Crystal. We believe that no child should be deprived of the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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