Our Projects

Academic Sponsorship

Our goal is ensuring that even the disabled child has access to basic education
Over the years, we provided sponsorship for children into the school of the deaf and school for the blind.
Children with epilepsy, sickle cell and other disabilities have been sponsored through main stream schools.
As there is currently no training or educational facility for children with severe mental and developmental disabilities, we started a small community initiative for such children.

Community Rehab and Training Center for children with Mental and developmental disabilities

Our community rehab and training center is still at an embryonic phase. However we have had great impact and seen amazing progress in the children we work with.
Our caregivers / teachers are all young women and men from the community who understand the rural environment and its challenges, thus giving them the added advantage of knowing how best to work with children and families. The duties of the caregivers range from personal care to tutoring, skill nurturing to being that person who helps the child to be confident in the “skin”.

Parent Support Groups

Creating peer support groups for parents of children with disabilities provides room for parents to have a forum where they could share experiences, advice; provide emotional support to each other. More importantly, these parents are groomed to serve as advocates for their children and other children living with a special need.
We also seek to economically empower parents and guardians of children we work with and these support groups serve as the most suitable channel to work with parents.

Health Services

Individual sponsors enable us cover cost of medication, treatment and rehabilitative services for children with disabilities or terminal illness like HIV.

Sensitization campaigns

Creating awareness on AUTISM, DOWN SYNDROME and LEARNING DISABILITIES is a priority for us at Crystal .These conditions are still “foreign” even for the literate African and because of ignorance, several children are suffering in silence within our communities. We educate communities on the rights of the child and deal with the issue of stigmatization through education.

Crystal Library and Resource Center

To foster education and computer education in particular among youths, Crystal Foundation runs a library and a computer literacy center where we offer basic computer literacy classes. This is done in partnership with the Himalayan Institute (Kumbo- Cameroon)