Make A Donation

Watch the story of Daniella and Beri to better understand how child sponsorships " enable us to take care of the unique needs of the children we work with.

Sponsor a child for a year

300 dollars for a child with a mental disability (annually)

200 dollars for child with other disabilities.


Sponsor in installments

Donate one time. Make a minimum donation of 10 dollars

Contact us via this email to get profiles of children in need of sponsors
Your donations help us cover tuition, health and economic empowerment of parent/guardian of child.
Sponsorship can be completed in installments.


Give supplies and equipment

Donate teaching material, material for arts and crafts, music, skill nurturing activities
Assist us with devices for physical therapy activities; wheel chairs, crawlers and other assistive devices



Give in your time
We are always looking for experts and organizations that can provide online capacity building, or volunteer their time online
You can decide to volunteer by joining our team on the ground.