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Crystal Center is a charity initiative focused on helping children with disabilities and their families.
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Giving enables us to work towards building the world we would want to live in-—one that's safer, healthier, more stable, and happier for all of us. Join other good willed persons in changing lives of children with special needs and their families. Make a difference today.

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Before we met Pauline, she lived with epilepsy and regularly went into epileptic fits. Her family didn’t have the finances to place her on regular medication. During one of the seizures, she fell into a nearby fire and sustained burns resulting in the loss of one of her eyes.  At the same time, she tried to cope in a mainstream school with a learning disability, and ended up dropping out.

With assistance from Crystal Foundation, Pauline got surgical operation that replaced her eyelid. Crystal Foundation also provides funds for her to get routine medication for epilepsy. She also benefits from training programs at Crystal Foundation’s rehabilitation center.

We are hoping to get an artificial eye to replace her damaged right eye. We pray that the answer to her need for an artificial eye comes soon.
…to be continued.


Elsa was born with Down syndrome in a rural Community in Cameroon where Down syndrome is interpreted from a superstitious and stigmatizing perspective by locals.

When we met her, she was struggling to cope in a mainstream school. She was isolated and did not have the desire to interact or talk with anybody. She struggled with stigmatization and found difficulties expressing herself.

Today, Elsa is the most sociable and happy child at the Crystal Foundation rehab center. She can now construct sentences in English and has improved greatly on her home skills. Her skills are being developed through occupational therapy. Her family equally benefits from individual and collective economic empowerment schemes from Crystal Foundation. Locals in the community now see her differently due to the intensive sensitization campaigns carried out by our advocacy team.



Daniel developed severe knocked knees after he was weaned by his mother.  We met him on one of our outreach programs. When we took him to the hospital, The Orthopedist indicated osteotomy for correction of his bony deformity. His family could not handle the cost of the surgery. We paid for the surgery and he was operated upon on the 11th of May 2016. The surgery was a success and the knocked knees have been corrected. The child now has a chance of living like any other child of his age without any deformity.

His family is very happy as the child deformity has been corrected and the child can now grow up and go after opportunities in life like any other child.

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